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Welcome to Banyan Construction Group, Jupiter’s residential construction company for the area’s million-dollar spec homes. Our team of contractors put years worth of skill and attention to detail into every home we build so that when you are ready to purchase your new build, it’s ready for you to move in and make it your own. From luxury beach homes in Jupiter’s country clubs to custom homes tucked away, there’s no project too big or too small for Banyan Construction Group.

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I can’t say enough about Banyan Construction Group. The owners have always been extremely professional and trustworthy. Multiple clients of mine have worked with them, and they got the job done and got it down well. Look no further!!” Greg F.


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Why Opt For a Spec Home

They are move-in-ready

Reduce your real estate risks with a new home

Upgraded design process based on years of experience

Balanced amenities

Walk through before you buy

Completed housing projects — landscaping, interior design, etc.

Direct buy of new build

Are you a property developer looking for the general contractors to take on your next residential neighborhood project? Consider the team that can do it all — Banyan Construction Group. Contact us for a bid.

What You Get From Banyan Construction Group

When you elect to purchase a spec home built by Banyan, you don’t just get a meticulously designed new build with superior construction quality. Our spec homes experience goes far beyond construction methods and floor plans, bleeding over into insight into luxury fixtures and finishing touches that don’t waste money on the frivolous and put the effort where it matters most — comfort, functionality, and curb appeal.

Our beginnings are in real estate, so we know what homeowners want and the features that are just extra. Our team doesn’t just build your spec home, but we are full-service contractors, handling all the details along the way. You’ll be hard-pressed to find things that need mending on your walk-through, but if you do, we will make it right. And, if you want to add to your home or renovate it as life and family needs change, we are your go-to team for interior customization, renovation, and home additions.

And, for the biggest bang for your buck, Banyan Construction Group is proud to also be your local, trusted roofing company.

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Why Consider a Spec Home

Florida’s east coast beach real estate is on fire! As quickly as homes hit the market, they are snatched up and closing in mere days. For cash on site, snowbirds and transplants are flocking to the sunny beaches of Palm Beach Gardens to find their luxury home. If you are new to the area or you have sold your older home to upgrade to a new build, a spec home offers you the quick timeline and the convenience of move-in-ready completed homes.

Purchasing directly from the builder or developer allows you to skip the real estate agent and reduce your closing costs significantly. You get the added benefit of years worth of home buying experience applied to the construction details of your home.

As many locals know, buying and flipping houses is a popular gig in Florida — buying shotty homes cheaply or on foreclosure, applying some sweat equity, and turning a large profit is how many contractors make their money. Purchasing a new spec home helps you reduce your risk by purchasing a new home where you are the first to use appliances and you’ve inspected the integrity of walls, floors, and the roof before you move in. When you partner with Banyan Construction Group, you can rest assured your risk is low and your luxury home will provide you years of comfort.

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Save Big On Your New Home: What You Need to Know About Optimizing Spec Home Buys

Spec homes are a great investment opportunity, allowing you to benefit from decades worth of building experience with the top requested amenities already included. While these homes are only “semi-custom” in terms of picking floor plans, fixtures, and material packages, they are move-in ready, high-quality, and you can always add to what exists to make it uniquely you. To help you get the biggest bang for your buck, you’ll want to consider some of these things that affect the price of new spec homes.

  • Location of the home,

  • Cost and size of the land/plot,

  • Size of the home,

  • Cost/ quality of building materials, and

  • Labor costs.

When you purchase a new spec home, you gain the benefit of buying from the builder or the property management company, rather than from a homeowner. You can get creative with negotiations and the warranties and guarantees are often much better than traditional home warranties.

Whether you are considering purchasing a base model or the Taj Mahal of spec homes in your new neighborhood, some things to contemplate including or upgrading include:

  • Kitchen — one of the most used spaces in your home, you’ll likely regret cutting cost and corners if you don’t optimize countertops, cabinetry, and kitchen appliances

  • Basement — even if you don’t need the space now, consider finishing the basement

  • Plumbing — evaluate the potential for future bathrooms or fixtures. It’s easier to create the space once the plumbing exists.

  • Lighting — windows, fixtures, etc.

  • Energy-Saving Options — windows, appliances, insulation, finished garage, etc.

  • Storage — always opt for more!

When you optimize your spec home before it’s built, you can save big and prevent remodels or renovations soon after purchase. Work with your general contractor to get what you want before the project is complete and you’ll move in happy.

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Spec Homes Frequently Asked Questions

Additions are a great option when you need more space and aren’t ready to leave your current home. You can have the best of both worlds when you partner with a qualified builder to simply build an addition.

A dormer is a modification to a roof pitch that creates a room. It may be a full or partial dormer and includes creating a room out of a crawl space or attic.

Not always, but typically, yes. Structural modifications compromise the current integrity of your home and require the construction to meet safety regulations.

We do not recommend that you make these types of modifications yourself. Some walls are purely cosmetic while other, load-bearing walls are critical to the structural integrity of your home.

It depends on the addition. For the most part, yes. They generally add livable square footage, improve function, and offer features not found in other homes that are a great selling point for resale when the time comes.

Garages add function to your home and offer protection to vehicles or whatever is stored within. This helps to improve your home’s value in terms of comfort, convenience, and worth.

Building codes are established to protect homeowners from poor structural work. Subpar structural remodeling puts the homeowner at risk of harm to people and property when structures fall down or collapse.

Yes! Since our spec homes aren’t all tract homes, and at Banyan Construction Group, we are contractors first, we can meet almost any request you have. Simply meet with our contractors to build your plan.

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Modular, or pre-fab (pre-fabricated), homes, are those where the pieces are made off-site in a climate-controlled environment and transported to the home’s lot for assembly. Spec homes may use modular pieces but are generally built using traditional construction methods.

The team at Banyan Construction Group has several luxury spec homes in various stages of development at any given time. Connect with us to discover what we have waiting for you


A spec home is built based on “speculation” that someone will buy it. Even if you get to customize some features, you are buying a home, not constructing it, so you’ll finance it the same way you would if the house already existed.


Discuss your specific preferences with your builder. Usually, you are not able to bring your own materials, but we can work with you to meet your wishes and design plans. For some things, like butcher blocks or specialty sinks and tubs, we may be able to use and install — let’s discuss it!

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Welcome to Banyan Construction Group, Jupiter’s local recommended general contractor and roofing specialists. discover what we can do for you!

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Before purchasing your home, consider whether it is built to withstand the local weather. If you aren’t sure if your house is built to withstand Florida’s climate, contact us to schedule your evaluation today.

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When you are looking for a general contractor to complete your new home build, make additions or modifications to your existing home, or for full remodel, you need someone who can do it on time and on budget.